Humboldt Neurological Medical Group
What is a D.O.?

A doctor of osteopathy (D.O.) is very much like an allopathic medical doctor
(M.D.), but receives additional training in the body’s musculoskeletal system.
This training teaches D.O.s to examine, diagnose and treat the body as a
whole, rather than treating a single illness or symptom. A doctor of
osteopathy takes a more holistic approach to medicine by looking at the
body as a complete system, instead of placing emphasis on one particular

D.O.s are trained and licensed to examine patients, prescribe medicine and
perform surgery, the same as an M.D.  The training is parallel and equivelent
to an M.D. D.O.s are licensed by states and can become board certified after
a residency and completion of board certification exams. D.O.s can also
choose to specialize in a particular field, as M.D.s do.